It is very important to highlight the most critical component of the Los Angeles HIDTA, one that weighs heavily in its overall achievements – a strong, viable and engaged Executive Board consisting of an equal partnership of federal, state and local law enforcement executives.    It is through their visionary leadership, collaboration and creativity that the Los Angeles HIDTA continues to consistently perform in an exceptional manner by building alliances and coalitions with one common goal --  to disrupt / dismantle some of the most significant, dangerous and prolific drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) in the world.

LA HIDTA is composed of agents, officers and executives from more than 246 local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, regional offices and task forces in the four Southern California counties of:


  • Los Angeles

  • Orange

  • Riverside

  • San Bernardino



Presently the Los Angeles HIDTA is governed by an Executive Board comprised on twenty members - ten federal as well as ten state and local law enforcement agency executives. The Board facilitates interagency drug control efforts to eliminate or reduce drug threats. Member executives ensure threat specific strategies and initiatives are developed, employed, supported and evaluated.

Executive Board members are selected from agencies participating in the regional program.